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Mike McGuigian

Mike McGuiganRestaurateur and founder / CEO of McGuigan Concepts, Mike McGuigan is one of the most sought-after restaurant  marketing consultants in Florida.  His original company, which he founded 20 years ago in Fort Myer Beach Florida, is one of the most popular establishments in South Florida.  Mike McGuigan has been featured in many newspaper articles and has been a speaker at several foodservice conferences. McGuigan is an honors graduate of Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio graduating with double major in Hotel / Restaurant Management and Marketing.  Mike has owned and operated restaurants throughout his entire life and has never owned one that failed

Why McGuigan Concepts?

At McGuigan Concepts, we believe that to be successful in the restaurant and bar business, you can’t just focus on a few areas.  It’s the complete focus and dedication to each and every aspect of the business together that makes the difference.  It’s the way in which each piece of the puzzle fits together with the next, making sure that each aspect of your business is perfectly refined and in perfect synchronization and harmony with the others.  We understand that new approaches, combined with good design, effective marketing with a solid understanding of operational and financial concerns, are the keys to success.  This is why we started McGuigan Concepts. To offer cost effective, real life solutions to your business needs.  Let our track record speak for itself. 

Each team member is either a restaurant or retail operator themselves or has run food oriented companies, divisions, departments and individual restaurants or retail stores. Complete depth of knowledge in every aspect of the business is what you get when you retain our team.  They are a group of world-class operators who consult and advise because they love to operate and teach, and because they can and actually perform each duty in the business themselves.

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